Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coolness: Christine Swint on 'Joe Sent Me'

"Vanessa Daou's new album, Joe Sent Me, is exactly what I want to listen to now. I’ve been keeping the CD in my car while I drive around town, and I even played it for my yoga class the other day. They melted.

Daou's vocals are pure silk, and the jazz riffs underneath are the wind that rustles the lyrics. It's heaven. Her work shows the heights that can be reached when the artist takes risks – it's contemporary, fresh, original. Go listen. And go read too. Collin Kelley's interview with Vanessa Daou is on page 28 of the current issue of ouroboros review. A huge thank you to both artists for being a part of our fledgling magazine."

Words by poet & writer Christine Swint @ Balanced on the Edge

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