Saturday, September 05, 2009

Anji Bee's Chillcast #178: Classic Chillout

Hear 'Save Yourself' from JOE SENT ME on vocalist & podcaster Anji Bee's Chillcast #178: Classic Chillout

The lovely Anji Bee writes:

"I was torn between titling this one "Classic Chillout," "Classic Chillcast," or "Lovely Ladies." Today's show is exactly that, a classic Chillcast mix of lovely chillout tunes with Internationally diverse female vocals. My favorite! I've had quite a few high quality trance tracks sent in recently, but this week I was really in more of a mellow mood so what we’ve got here is a nice collection of downtempo, lounge, worldbeat, r&b, and one little drum & bass tune for good measure. Enjoy, baby!"

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