Thursday, December 03, 2009

The 4th issue of Ouroboros Review

The 4th issue of Ouroboros Review is out; if you crave beauty, fantasy, shades, shadows, and infinite nuance, if you have the desire to stir your poetry-starved imagination, don't wait, read it...

A highlight is Collin Kelley's engrossing interview with Cecilia Wolloch who discusses her life, influences, and her new work 'Carpathia' -

Each poem is an essential read. I'm loving Michelle McGrane's language-lovely poem '
Augusta Fabergé' [p44] & very much looking forward to her 3rd collection of poetry 'The Suitable Girl', published by Pindrop Press in 2010.

If you missed issue 3, take time to soak in every word of Michelle's interview with John Siddique. When you reach the part when he says "The Basic act of writing for me is an act of Love", pause, revel, reflect, read on...

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John Siddique said...

Thank you for your kindness, Vanessa

all best

vanessa daou said...

absolutely, my pleasure xo