Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vanessa Daou review archives: Dear John Coltrane JAZZ TIMES

January/February 2000

Vanessa Daou
Dear John Coltrane
Daou Music

"On previous outings, vocalist Vanessa Daou has danced the rhythm erotica with words from Erica Jong and yin/yang. On the new Dear John Coltrane (Daou Music, OMWCD15, 41:48), Daou and producer/instrumentalist/husband Peter get warm-like-dat with a 10-song meditation on the life, times and (personal) meaning of the Master. From the languid fervor of "Passed" ("While the Freedom Train was reaching critical mass/The Trane just passed.") to "Trane Tripping"'s dreamscape shuffle, as JB said, "Da grooves is there."

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