Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MusicMonday on WomensRadio

By Brian Ball, Host of WomensRadio Music Review

"As there are twenty-four bottles or cans in a case, there are twenty-four fantastic selections here for our listeners to 'crack open' this MusicMonday on WomensRadio!  There’s new music coming in from every angle imaginable, including submissions from AMALIA (Tokyo Dawn Records), Lena Prima Louis Prima), Vanessa Daou (our current downtempo crush) and longtime WomensRadio favorite, Deborah Crooks. (daughter of legendary Jazz singer,


If you're on Twitter, you probably are already hip to the use of hash tags (#) to identify topics and trends ... and you probably see the same ones every Monday, “#MusicMonday", "#musicmonday" and "#MM".  These hash tags facilitate worldwide recommendations / promos / plugs / playlists / reviews / concerts / gear and MUCH more throughout Twitter, and now the entire web! 
Here at WomensRadio, we use these networks to give an added boost to the world's finest Independent Female (and Male) Musicians submitting to our studios.  Here are a couple of submissions we picked up early Monday morning:

all in the golden afternoon Psychedelic from Austin, TX
#2: Erika Fatale Pop from Los Angeles, CA
#3: AMALIA Sci-Fi Soul / Punk from Stockholm, Sweden
#4: DJ Sunshine World / Reggae from Jamaica
#5: Lena Prima Jazz / Adult Contemporary from Las Vegas, NV
#6: Phenice Arielle Hip Hop / Pop / R&B from New York, NY
#7: The Lives of the Monster Dogs Swamp Rock / Southern Rock from Pine Lake, GA
#8: Hugh James Hardman Singer-Songwriter from Los Angeles, CA
#9: Steve Belkin Songwriter / Publisher from Los Angeles, CA
#10: Teresa James Blues / Country from Los Angeles, CA
#11: The Academix UK Funky House from North London, UK
#12: Shea Soul Eclectic Soul from London, UK
#13: Vanessa Daou Down-tempo / Electronica / Nu-Jazz from New York, NY

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