Wednesday, May 04, 2011

the CHIC INDEX: "Style & Individual Expression through Sartorial Endeavor"

Photograph Iké Udé for the CHIC INDEX

I posted last week on my new role as Music Editor at Iké Udé's elegant, esoteric, and glossy aRUDE Magazine

I'm supremely excited about this synergy - Part of what I'll be aiming to do, as reflected in aRUDE's aesthetic approach, is explore new ways of discussing, listening, and thinking about music: in search, you could say, of a new Paradigm....  more soon on this...

My new photo was was shot by Iké Udé for the CHIC INDEX, aRUDE Magazine’s style blog.

Poetically described as "Style & Individual Expression through Sartorial Endeavor", the CHIC INDEX is both a visual journal and document; there you'll find reflections, ruminations, & philosophies & histories of style, dress, all on the streets of NYC ~

Part of the 'charge' of Art is that it reflects on all aspects of the visual, verbal, historical, pictorial ~ so that how one dresses is never a thing that is taken for granted, but is perceived in all its uniqueness, the way one regards a painted canvas, for instance... the CHIC INDEX reflects a way of looking not only at the world, but into the world, as a multi-faceted, forever in flux and mutable entity that, for one brief moment, can be captured - gloriously - in one still photograph... how beautiful is that?


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