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JOE SENT ME rmxs on mark reeder's new album - five point one

"british label chief, producer and musician mark reeder is a product of what many regard as the golden age of science fiction. he grew up in an england dominated by security forces of the future with outsize heads jiggling on strings to save the world from intergalactic menaces, in hit after hit from the gerry anderson stable. he saw doctor who take his first tentative steps into the past and the future on carboard sets populated by jumble sale aliens. in cinema there was the constant threat of communist stealth attacks always from mars or the psychadelic trip that was stanley kubrick’s 2001: a space odyssey. he was fascinated by the synthetic electronic pulsations of the forbidden planet and clockwork orange soundtracks and devoured fan magazines like TV21. wobbly spaceships, cardboard robots, ray guns and bug-eyed monsters; as a child he was drawn to this sometimes quaint, sometimes ominously correct visions of the future. it should come as no surprise then that five point one, his debut compilation of remix work, should concern itself as much with modern technology as it does with music.
five point one presents a hand-picked selection of some of reeder’s remixes remastered and re-mixed in crystal clear dolby digital 5.1 surround sound. present is his work for legendary heavyweights such as the pet shop boys and sam taylor-wood, john foxx, anne clark, die toten hosen or former new order as bad lieutenant, vanessa daou or blank&jones, plus an exclusive remix he made for depeche mode, while reeder also puts his particular retro synth-pop spin on tracks from up-and-coming artists such as echoes, electrobelle, fidelity kastrow, may68 or noblesse oblige.

five point one is a deluxe collection of some of the best of reeder’s recent work, a deluxe DVD and 2CD package, gloriously remastered in dolby 5.1 surround sound, creating a listening experience which enhances the depth and radiance of reeder's original stereo mixes, all of which are also included on two CDs for a traditional 2.0 stereo sound system too."

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DVD 5.1 surround remixes

total time 97:16
  • 01 John Foxx – Underpass (mark reeder's sinister subway remix edit)
  • 02 Bad Lieutenant – Twist of fate (mark reeder's led's twist again remix)
  • 03 Noblesse Oblige – Duel (mark reeder's shot at the crack of dawn remix)
  • 04 Marsheaux – So Far (mark reeder's so close remix)
  • 05 Depeche Mode – Sweetest Perfection (mark reeder's sweetest conception remix)
  • 06 Echoes – Ice Cold (mark reeder's cold as ice remix)
  • 07 Blank & Jones, Mark Reeder featuring Vanessa Daou – Heart Of Wax (heart of crystal mix)
  • 08 Anne Clark – Full Moon (mark reeder's stairway to the stars remix)
  • 09 Vanessa Daou – Black & White (mark reeder's monochrome mix)
  • 10 Sam Taylor-Wood with The Pet Shop Boys – I'm in Love with a German Film Star (mark reeder's rias remix)
  • 11 Spartak – Lets Go Get 'Em (mark reeder's no pain, no gain remix edit)
  • 12 Electrobelle – Falling (mark reeder's in your arms remix edit)
  • 13 Fidelity Kastrow – 21st Century Girl (mark reeder's strident remix edit)
  • 14 May68 – The Prisoner (mark reeder's runaway remix)
  • 15 Parralox – Sharper Than a Knife (mark reeder's cutting edge remix edit)
  • 16 Bad Lieutenant – Sink or Swim (mark reeder's rettungsring remix edit)
  • 17 Die Toten Hosen – Disco (mark reeder's lange hosen remix)
  • 18 Anne Clark – If… (mark reeder's seemingly forever remix)

CD2 more 2.0 remixes (stereo audio only)

total time 77:06

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