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'Heart of Wax' — News, Reviews & Remixes

"Beauty never beats in a heart of wax, it comes down to that / Lovers never sleep once the conversation comes, they're empty as a drum..." So begins 'Heart of Wax'....

I received an email from a long-time fan who was asking about the impetus and inspiration behind 'Heart of Wax'. 

The beauty of language is the ability to communicate one's feelings, those emotions trapped inside of one's heart and mind, those inner-most sanctums. 

The ever-piercing thorn in the side of every Writer & Poet is the inability of language to every fully convey the manifold shades of meaning. It is only possible to approximate, approach, and tease out ones thoughts and feelings through language through the use of metaphor, similie, analogy, etc.

In the opening line of 'Heart of Wax', for instance, it is unclear whether it is the lovers or the drums that are 'empty' "once the conversation comes".

For me, every song is a reflection, rumination, an offering. Using the metaphor of a burning candle to convey the slow, languorous unfolding of Love , 'Heart of Wax' is a song about the natural defenses a person in love puts up, the invisible boundaries that are drawn until that moment of recognition and surrender, that one is - inexorably, and beautifully - in Love.

'HEART OF WAX'— News, Reviews & Remixes:

'Heart of Wax' — Nominee at the 27th Annual International Dance Music Awards at the WMC

'Heart of Wax' is nominated for Best Chillout/Lounge track at the 27th Annual International Dance Music Awards at the Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach.

You can view the nominees here -

And don't forget to cast your vote for this year's nominees here -


 Photo by the George Pitts


  1. Heart of Wax (Richard Morel Mix)
  2. Heart of Wax (Richard Morel Dub)
  3. Heart of Wax (Craig C's Master Blaster Mix)
  4. Heart of Wax (Craig C's InstraBlaster Dub)
  5. Heart of Wax (Emjae Club Mix)
  6. Heart of Wax (Emjae's Subterranean Disco Dub)  
  7. Heart of Wax (Blank & Jones Late Night Mix)


In case you missed last year's review of 'Heart of Wax' @ the inimitable JOE MY GOD:
"As a JMG exclusive, here's a free download of famed remixer Rich Morel's take on Vanessa Daou's Heart Of Wax. Veteran househeads will fondly recall Daou's epic 1992 classic Surrender Yourself. (Work it, learn it, serve it, bring it to the ball.) I'm loving this new single."


Scents & Sensory @ Calming Park:


  1. Tommy Bones & Lydia Rhodes - What I Feel - Original Mix     
  2. Karin De Ponti I Am The Moon Chris IDH Remix
  3. Newland & DJ Vivona Ft. Jade - Set Me Free Extended Mix 
  4. Madelin Zero Love The Love Original Mix Edit 
  5. Morel Shoegazer Disco Linus Loves Vocal Mix 
  6. Vanessa Daou - Heart Of Wax Emjae Club Mix
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Further info @ the ever glamorous & fabulous MAXI
Vanessa Daou and Calming Park Candles have joined forces to illuminate her brand new video for “Heart Of Wax” and your Valentine’s Day.  The organic palm wax candles, made in Grasse, France in Vanessa’s favorite scent Pack Of Cactus, are featured in the video for her sultry new single out on youtube and video outlets Feb 14th.  What’s Valentine’s Day without a little candlelight? Now you can bask in this glow.  


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