Wednesday, June 06, 2012

'Consequences' on Billboard's HOTTEST MAY HITS 2012 — Work it, Learn it, Stream it!!!!

Billboard's Hottest Hits May 2012

'Consequences' is on Billboard's HOTTEST MAY HITS 2012 4 CD compilation -
There's something on here for every music lover here, from John Legend Feat. Ludacris (Tonight), to the inimitable Jill Scott (Blessed) to the ubiquitous - but nonetheless fascinating - Lady Gaga (Bloody Mary).

Proof here tat music is still & will always be the world's salve for the soul...!!!
Work it, Learn it, Stream it!!!!

Background on 'Consequences':

'Consequences' appears on my last release JOE SENT ME. The music was co-written by Blank & Jones' & appears on their album 'The Logic of Pleasure' -

The  lyrics address the complexity of navigating love's rough waters, the back and forth game the mind plays. The song begins with with the rejection of love, deals with the aftermath of that decision, and finally, winds down with the embrace of love: through song, poetry & the pen. You can read the lyrics on my online-Xhibition for JOE SENT ME here.
I created the JOE SENT ME-Xhibition website out of my sheer love for HTML & Javascript: an amalgam of dynamic computer codes i've tweaked ... put to unusual & neoteric uses - Expect more pushing of these creative realms for my new project...

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