Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"The Mercer Dance Ensemble features a group of MCCC's [Mercer Community College's] most talented students and alumni, plus some special guests. This years concert will be a landmark collaboration between the Mercer Dance Ensemble and critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Vanessa Daou.

Choreographed by dance faculty Janell Byrne, with guest choreography by Jody P. Person and others, Joe Sent M.D.E. features music from Daou’s new album, Joe Sent Me, which she named after a code-phrase that was used to gain entry into Prohibition-era speakeasies. Daou says the album is about "the transmission of ideas through time, the secret ranges of the voice, fleeting nights of love and desire, the archiving of dreams, memory, and the imagination." Joe Sent M.D.E. transforms Daou's ideas into a suite of dances constructed around the central metaphor of the album – to discover "secret codes," in a language of the body, that will open doors into illicit paces of rebellion and abandon"

[ Kelsey Theatre ]

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Oliveira said...

Oh dear, yet again do I find myself living on the wrong continent :(

Dahlia said...

Hope they will put some videos on YouTube... I would be really pleased to see them!