Monday, March 30, 2009


From start to finish, Friday was a perfect day at Mercer County Community College!

Academic Theatre Program Instructor Alex DeFazio & I began the day with a great interview by Rachel Katz who hosts the dynamic 'Views & Voices' at WWFM, a classical music public radio station that operates out of Mercer County Community College.

Afterward, we had an at length & many faceted conversation with Mercer Communications professor Alvyn Haywood for WWFM's 'Jazz on 2', Trenton's Jazz Station. We touched on topics ranging from the importance of Jazz in the context of contemporary culture, specific inspiration for me during the writing of JOE SENT ME, the background of my connection and collaboration with Alex DeFazio which led to JOE SENT MDE, future plans, and more.

Professor Haywood & those at WWFM are shaping an immensely innovative and important program, one that reaches out to Trenton & beyond in a broad-minded and all-inclusive way, a model for radio stations everwhere that seek to educate, influence & inspire their audience as well as entertain. Read more about 'Jazz on 2' here.

The students who attended the Q&A were some of the most interesting, inquisitive & insightful that I've come across anywhere. Questions ran the gamut, from the technical, relating to the signing recording contracts, to the personal, concerns about the future possibility of facing the 'casting couch', something every female artist will most likely have to face at one time or another. We discussed the importance of smartly navigating the sometimes treacherous music business waters, the current state of flux & chaos in the industry, the various ways of keeping one's inspiration alive & vital, and the importance of discipline as an artist.

It was a packed room and an amazing conversation! Thanks to all the MCCC students & faculty members who made their presence felt by attending & participating in what was an experience for all to remember! As we approach the JOE SENT MDE performance dates (May 16th & 17th) I'll be creating a virtual document of the experience here, as well as featuring artwork by immensely talented Mercer Art, Design, Dance & Theatre students. Come May 17 & 18th, I'll be adding video & photos of JOE SENT MDE.

See you there!

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Collin Kelley said...

Sounds like an amazing day!