Thursday, June 25, 2009

Joe Sent MDE & The Hidden Language of the Body

Dance is language expressed by the body.

On 'Joe Sent Me', I set out to explore the hidden potential in poetry, the nuances of breath, recollection, regret, hesitation, the illicit, the many shades of meaning of Jazz and its secret coded language locked in its Prohibition-era inchoateness.

In 'Joe Sent MDE', choreographers Janell Byrne and Jody Person explore a myriad of physical as well as verbal murmurings, facial gestures and hieroglyphic movements that combine the contemporary with the historical to convey meaning. One aspect of Joe Sent MDE that resonates so much with my own aesthetic is how their combined choreographed language froths and fulminates but never fully boils over. Like seduction, it's the gestures that are hinted at, the implied movements that hover, the lingering moments that matter most.

About 'Joe Sent Me', I've written: "For me, music is a response to the world, and the voice imbues the words with life and gives them breath. I'm especially interested in the idea of recording as an act of preservation of experience. To be a recording artist is - quite literally - to make a record of sounds, voices, words, and breaths. Every record I create, I plunge into the depths of life in all aspects of experience: sound, images, dreams. Music is a time capsule, capturing, distilling and preserving the essence of what it means to be alive. The role of poetry, of words and language, is to remind us."

The role of Dance is to embody and set into motion those truths that are locked inside of us. Like our imaginations, our bodies can move in many, often opposing, directions: they stretch, stir, stagger, surge; this can be expressed beautifully, forcefully, ironically, irrationally, improbably, impulsively.

In dance, as in life, once a movement is made, it makes its indelible impression in time, space, and in our minds. 'Joe Sent MDE' reminds us that our physical selves are wrapped up in our mental selves, and that each generation holds within it a unique capacity to convey its own set of beliefs, motivations, dreams, & fears, as well as those of the past that continue to cast their shadows on the theatre of our collective memory.

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