Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"The Hook" Part II "Joe Sent M.D.E." at Mercer County Community College

Part II: "Joe Sent M.D.E." at Mercer County Community College - "The Hook" from Elixir Productions Theatre Co. on Vimeo.

We learned all the pleasures of the tongue
before we knew each other's names,
long after all the pain had come.
Imagine the shock of a fish
when the hook finds its mouth
Then the sigh it heaves
When it shakes it out

Our first kiss was like this
And there's the hook

I used to swin wild and free
but like a lazy cod I took the bait
Now I'm like a shark in the dark
I never close my eyes anymore

I twisted like an unruly marlin
so I'd love you this madly.
I knew just how the story would end
and I'd miss you this badly

And in the end I'd do it again
And there's the hook

© 2007 Vanessa Daou

Hear Raul Vincent Enriquez' audio interpretation of THE HOOK

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