Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pre-order "Light Sweet Crude — Act 1: Hybrid" on iTUNES

My new album 'Light Sweet Crude — Act 1: Hybrid" is available for Pre-order on iTUNES XO

Vanessa Daou Light Sweet Crude Hybrid Act 1

“Vanessa Daou’s evolution as an artist continues with Light Sweet Crude. The songs hit harder than anything she’s ever done before (“Camouflage” is a revelation), yet it maintains her trademark lush layers of sound with an updated trip-hop vibe. And it wouldn’t be a Vanessa Daou record without the impeccable poetry of her lyrics that meld effortlessly with a dance floor groove (“Danger Ahead”) or an after hours chill out (“Bar D’O”). The whole album sounds immediate and now – as good or better than any of the electronic music coming out of the UK or the scene in the US. It’s a triumph from beginning to end.” — Collin Kelley

Much love to Kid Recordings, Believe Digital & iTunes for their early support & guidance 



For those you who'd also like to have & hold the physical CD, you'll receive 50% off the 14.99 price of the CD

Available December 2013 @ DAOU RECORDS

The package will include a Chapbook of the lyrics as well as newsprint fold-out of Liner Notes penned by writer & radio host of WDET-FMThe Progressive Underground's Chris Campbell
The fold-out will also include an at-length article & Q&A inked by writer Imran Khan of PopMatters column 'Continental Drift'

Plus a temporary tattoo of the retro typewritten words "Only the lovers survive"


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