Friday, November 29, 2013

Light Sweet Crude | Artist's Statement @ NERDY FRAMES

"Music, poetry, song; the secret regions of the voice. The far edges of consciousness and memory,: those liminal realms reached by the Poet’s phrasings and timbres; a lover’s inchoate whispers. Words and melodies are all tools and instruments, salves or salvos, and, like weapons, they can be directed, aimed and launched, as a direct response or spontaneous reaction; as an invitation or instigation, through subtext or subterfuge.

Before I write, it is often one word that drives me: this idea might then become a drawing or a painting or a poem before it becomes a song. This mixing of media says something to me about the clash or meeting between fields or layers of thought, creating alliances between things, or making them repel and pull apart. 
I look to language, sound, symbols – to words and their hidden and layered histories – for clues as to how ideas are changed, how messages are coded, intercepted, interpreted, and corrupted, when and which things go from trash to artifact."

Read my full Artist's Statement @ NERDY FRAMES

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