Monday, December 02, 2013

Feat. Interview @ NERDY FRAMES

My interview @ the fAb NZ blog NerdyFrames is up, with a supremely eloquent intro by Nerdy himself:
"Here is a fantastic woman with a unique voice that has been echoing in my mind (as well as many others from Generation X) since the mid 90s when she released her hits Near the Black Forest and Two to Tango. Her love for Jazz mixed in with her husky vocals, erotic subtext makes her stand out from the offerings of that time period.

Vanessa Daou is back and although that the playing field pertaining to the music industry is different today; she has optimism, clout, experience, wisdom and knowledge as well as self-awareness on how it is now.

She started doing music with her then Husband Peter Daou who was behind engineering and production (also related to novelist Erica Jong who became an close confidant to Vanessa) between the two under the name The Daou.

This led to her working in various other genres, which included house; especially having remixes done by Danny Tenaglia!

Her debut album Zipless was on MCA as well as her follow up Slow to Burn, but during that time a restructuring was occurring unbeknownst to Vanessa who was touring Zipless which led to layoffs at the label, artists dropped from their contracts and that all important creative differences thing that runs rampant in music. Lucky for Vanessa she survived the ordeal thanks in part to her lawyer that implemented a clause to have her maintain creative control and not have her bondage to a 7 record deal contract.

Today she is now an indie artist releasing music on her own and having tastemakers like myself promote her efforts and curating those who didn’t discover her the first time around

In this exclusive interview, we talk to the lovely enchantress herself, now wiser and still beautiful."


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Loved te interview Vanessa!