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Light Sweet Crude | Act 1: Hybrid — Tom's Music Place review

Thomas Carley

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Vanessa Daou - Light Sweet Crude: Act 1: Hybrid - A+

Normally, I don't write, worded reviews, and like to let the music, speak for itself, but in the case of Vanessa Daou's new album, I need to make an exception.

The time is now, for Vanessa Daou. In all of music, there has never been the likes Of her. She has pushed the boundaries of music and poetry since her debut, Zipless. But nothing prepares the listener for Light Sweet Crude: Act 1 - Hybrid. This album haunts you, until you just can't stand it any longer, and need to hear it again. As you start the album, your mind starts to understand the depth of what it's listening to. It creeps up on you, in slow waves. But there are three songs, that everybody must listen to. The first is Bar D'O. This is simply a majestic and very emotional gem. It is so melancholy in it's approach, it had me in tears from the first note. 

The second track that you must listen to is Dream, which pretty much says it all. A very calming effect will come over you as you listen. And the best track, I can only describe in this way, a complete and total mindfuck, is Trouble Comes. Now why do I call it this, let's look at the definition according to the Urban Dictionary. A mindfuck is an idea or concept that shakes one's previously held beliefs or assumptions about the nature of reality. Well when you listen to Trouble Comes, you will feel an earthquake. 

And as far I am concerned, this album and this song cements Vanessa Daou's genius as a musician, as if I needed any other proof. She knows what she is , she is just waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

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Anonymous said...

LIGHT SWEET CRUDE is intoxicating . It is sensual , erotic , funky , intelligent , and transcendent . It graba a hold of you and doesnt Let go . Im not a music critic but in my opinion , it is by far the best she had ever done and that speaks volumes considering she made Zipless . Northern from Pittsburgh .